This level is for the students who know the basic fundamentals of the Arabic language. This includes knowing how to read and write Arabic at a basic level. The 2 main Arabic sciences that a student at this level will focus on is Grammar and Morphology. This will include theory as well as how to apply the rules in reading, writing and conversation.

Morphology (الصرف) is the study of the structure of words, enabling you identify root letters and patterns. By the end of the course one will develop an in-depth understanding of verb and noun structures and how to derive words from a 3 letter root.Many examples will be used from the Quran to allow one to taste some of its linguistic beauty.
The Science of Arabic grammar (النَحْو ) is the study of how to join words to form correct and meaningful sentences. The way this is reflected is through the ending of words which is what makes Arabic such a rich and vast language. The focus of this course is grammatical theory through which one will appreciate the depth of the Arabic language through the works of classical grammarians for over a millennium.
The aim of the course is to get students to master the material covered in the Madina Books. The aim will be to develop teachers who are able to teach these books in their locality to spread the Language of the Quran. The reason for concentrating on the Madina Books is because of its popularity and accessibility to all students around the world. This course will leave no stone unturned and address all the details through the classical sources. The lessons will have a strong focus on the Quran linguistic miracle and the beauty and precision of the Arabic language which will serve as motivation for students and aspiring teachers.